By The Numbers: A Statistical Preview of the Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots

Here is a statistical breakdown of the Patriots and Browns, heading into their week 14 game in Foxborough. The stats underlined in green heavily favor the Patriots, while those in red italics favor the Browns. The Pats do a much better job with turnovers on both sides of the ball and with both their running and passing game on offense. Cleveland has a very good run defense, but similar to what we saw with Pittsburgh and Houston, though they look good in the official NFL stats (i.e., yardage), they don’t do a very good job taking the ball away by forcing turnovers to get their offense back on the field.

Turnover differential: Pats 6th (+8), Browns 27th (-9)
Special Teams DVOA: Pats 4th (6.1%), Browns 18th (0.0%)
Penalty yards differential per game: Pats 3rd (+14.1), Browns 21st (-5.4)


Points per game: Pats 6th (26.8), Browns 28th (19.3)
Yards per game: Pats 9th (378), Browns 21st (332)
3rd down efficiency: Pats 18th (36.8%), Browns 30th (33%)
Red Zone (TD) efficiency: Pats 11th (56.0%), Browns 8th (59.3%)
Yards per play: Pats 16th (5.31), Browns 27th (4.84)
Yards per drive: Pats 12th (32.5), Browns 25th (26.7)
Yards per point: Pats 9th (14.1), Browns 28th (17.3)
Points per drive: Pats 9th (2.09), Browns 30th (1.52)
Three and out: Pats 7th (18.8%), Browns 21st (24.3%)
Offensive DVOA: Pats 5th (15.7%), Browns 28th (-17.0%)
Turnovers: Pats 9th (16), Browns 25th (23)

Passing yards per game: Pats 10th (255), Browns 12th (250)
Yards per pass attempt: Pats 20th (6.9), Browns 29th (6.4)
Completion percentage: Pats 16th (60.7), Browns 31st (55.3)
Passer rating: Pats 14th (88.0), Browns 27th (76.2)
TD-Interceptions: Pats 9th (19:8), Browns 21st (21:15)
Sacks-yardage lost: Pats 15th (32-207), Browns 30th (42-291)
Passing DVOA: Pats 8th (23.6%), Browns 29th (-12.4%)

Rushing ypg: Pats 12th (123), Browns 28th (82)
Yards per carry: Pats 15th (4.21), Browns 27th (3.73)
Stuffed (loss or zero gain): Pats 6th (7.7%), Browns 21st (10.2%)
Rushing DVOA: Pats 9th (2.4%), Browns 26th (-12.1%)



Points per game: Pats 10th (21.8), Browns 19th (24.8)
Yards per game: Pats 20th (362), Browns 4th (307)
3rd down efficiency: Pats 30th (43.6%), Browns 28th (41.6%)
Red Zone (TD) efficiency: Pats 21st (57.9%), Browns 30th (64.7%)
Yards per play: Pats 13th (5.16), Browns 1st (4.44)
Yards per drive: Pats 18th (29.9), Browns 1st (25.1)
Yards per point: Pats 11th (16.7), Browns 31st (12.4)
Points per drive: Pats 9th (1.66), Browns 15th (1.82)
Defensive DVOA: Pats 16th (-0.7%), Browns 24th (6.6%)
Turnovers: Pats 5th (24), Browns 26th (14)

Passing yards per game: Pats 10th (224), Browns 5th (208)
Yards per pass attempt: Pats 7th (6.7), Browns 2nd (5.8)
Completion percentage: Pats 1st (55.6), Browns 12th (59.5)
Passer rating: Pats 5th (76.7), Browns 13th (83.1)
TD-Interceptions: Pats 8th (18-14), Browns 22nd (21-9)
Sacks-yardage lost: Pats 8th (35-237), Browns 30th (33-153)
Passing DVOA: Pats 9th (-6.2%), Browns 20th (13.0%)

Rushing ypg: Pats 31st (138.2), Browns 5th (98.9)
Yards per carry: Pats 26th (4.48), Browns 3rd (3.47)
Stuffed (loss or zero gain): Pats 28th (6.8%), Browns 16th (9.4%)
Rushing DVOA: Pats 31st (4.2%), Browns 15th (-5.4%)


One final stat: wins and losses. The Patriots are now tied for the third best record at 9-3, while the Browns are tied with Oakland and Buffalo for the NFL’s 24th best record at 4-8.




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