I know, lies, damn lies, and statistics – but a cursory look at the statistics for these two clubs points to the critical importance of turnovers in relation to wins and losses in the NFL. Underlines are used to highlight stats that heavily favor the Patriots, and italics are used to highlight those stats that favor the Texans.

No varsity letterman jackets for Houston this week

Turnover differential: Pats 6th (+8), Texans 30th (-12)
Special Teams DVOA: Pats 3rd (6.5%), Texans 30th (-8.3%)
Penalty yards differential per game: Pats 3rd (+12.5), Texans 26th (-8.6)


Points per game: Pats 8th (25.4), Texans 30th (18.0)
Yards per game: Pats 9th (371), Texans 11th (364)
3rd down efficiency: Pats 18th (55-151, 36%), Texans 27th (55-162, 34%)
Red Zone (TD) efficiency: Pats 16th (25-47, 53%), Texans 30th (13-29, 45%)
Yards per play: Pats 21st (5.20), Texans 18th (5.23)
Yards per drive: Pats 12th (32.6), Texans 17th (29.5)
Yards per point: Pats 10th (14.2), Texans 31st (20.1)
Points per drive: Pats 14th (2.01), Texans 30th (1.45)
Three and out: Pats 8th (18.9%), Texans 9th (19.7%)
Offensive DVOA: Pats 11th (8.7%), Texans 26th (-12.8%)
Turnovers: Pats 10th (15), Texans 23rd (20)

Passing yards per game: Pats 14th (245), Texans 11th (247)
Yards per pass attempt: Pats 25th (6.7), Texans 24th (6.8)
Completion percentage: Pats 18th (59.8), Texans 16th (60.2)
Passer rating: Pats 16th (86.3), Texans 23rd (80.3)
TD-Interceptions: Pats 9th (17:7), Texans 22nd (16:13)
Sacks-yardage lost: Pats 19th (31-201), Texans 29th (30-263)
Passing DVOA: Pats 14th (16.1%), Texans 26th (-5.1%)

Rushing ypg: Pats 10th (126), Texans 14th (116)
Yards per carry: Pats 12th (4.3), Texans 9th (4.4)
Stuffed (loss or zero gain): Pats 7th (7.7%), Texans 11th (8.8%)
Rushing DVOA: Pats 7th (5.8%), Texans 24th (-11.6%)


Points per game: Pats 9th (20.9), Texans 26th (26.3)
Yards per game: Pats 21st (360), Texans 1st (290)
3rd down efficiency: Pats 30th (73-168, 43%), Texans 12th (55-151, 36%)
Red Zone (TD) efficiency: Pats 14th (19-35, 54%), Texans 30th (23-35, 66%)
Yards per play: Pats 11th (5.06), Texans 6th (4.96)
Yards per drive: Pats 17th (29.8), Texans 6th (26.4)
Yards per point: Pats 7th (17.2), Texans 32nd (11.1)
Points per drive: Pats 7th (1.54), Texans 21st (1.93)
Defensive DVOA: Pats 14th (-2.1%), Texans 20th (2.8%)
Turnovers: Pats 4th (23), Texans 30th (8)

Passing yards per game: Pats 9th (220), Texans 1st (172)
Yards per pass attempt: Pats 7th (6.5), Texans 8th (6.7)
Completion percentage: Pats 2nd (56.0), Texans 7th (58.1)
Passer rating: Pats 6th (77.4), Texans 21st (92.4)
TD-Interceptions: Pats 12th (18-13), Texans 30th (18-4)
Sacks-yardage lost: Pats 8th (34-229), Texans 24th (27-165)
Passing DVOA: Pats 13th (0.3%), Texans 25th (14.7%)

Rushing ypg: Pats 31st (139.7), Texans 22nd (118.5)
Yards per carry: Pats 26th (4.5), Texans 22nd (4.2)
Stuffed (loss or zero gain): Pats 29th (6.7%), Texans 14th (9.7%)
Rushing DVOA: Pats 19th (-4.9%), Texans 10th (-9.5%)

One final stat: wins and losses. The Patriots are tied for the fifth best record at 8-3, while the Texans are tied with Jacksonville and Atlanta for the NFL’s worst record at 2-9.

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