Today’s column arrives courtesy of my co-captain, Zeus.


1. A lot of kudos are going to Andy Reid for the Chiefs 3-0 start. Fair enough, but it seems funny to give him so much credit for beating the Eagles last night since Reid is the guy who got fired for running the team into the ground with a 4-12 record in 2012.

2. Chiefs QB Alex Smith is one of those guys who is rarely going to beat himself. It’s surprising just how far that will get you in the NFL. People may forget that this is how Tom Brady started his illustrious pro football career.

3. Thursday night football seems to be a pretty iffy proposition. Coaches have little time to prepare, players have insufficient time to rest and heal, the matchups aren’t all that attractive, the quality of play, at least so far this year, is dreadful – and the NFL Network broadcast is amateur hour. It’s a lot to ask of the fans who buy tickets to leave work so early and stay out so late. Just another example of the NFL putting the almighty dollar ahead fans and players.

4. It’s September and the weather here in New England is spectacular, except, it seems, whenever the 68,000 faithful head to Foxboro. It looks like home game #2 will involve our second foray this season into Deep Sea Football. I never much took to the idea of a domed stadium. Football is meant to be played outdoors and those of us who go to the games are used to dealing with the elements. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind a domed parking lot where we could all tailgate in comfort.

5. The 1:00 kickoff is a throwback to the good old days when the team was a national laughingstock. I love the early kickoff because it feels like real football. And there’s not too many things in life that are better than tailgating with your friends at 9:00 Sunday morning. The lovely and always understanding Mrs. Zeus would most definitely look askance were I to start drinking beer and wine and eating clams, chicken wings, bratwurst, ribs, steak, bison sliders (that’s really on this week’s menu), duck breast, lamb chops (etc., etc., etc.) on my deck at home very early Sunday morning before the game started. So I can say in all honesty that it is truly my Patriotic Duty to have season tickets in order to Promote Domestic Tranquility.

6. The Patriots have found an ingenious way to neutralize Bucs star CB Darrelle Revis. The lack of a credible outside receiver means there is no one for Revis to shut down. Best for Tampa to give Revis the week off since it’s unlikely that he’ll meaningfully affect the outcome of the game.

7. For the Patriots, the key to the game will be Tom Brady’s body language and the team’s overall swagger. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the highly prestigious NFL award for Best Body Language but Brady’s likely already out, as is Peyton Manning for flapping his arms like a gigantic radioactive chicken while pretending to call an audible. Anyway, the team with the most swagger usually wins but only if they also happen to outscore their opponent.


Thanks very much once again to Zeus for sharing his thoughts here today.


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