Happy Father’s Day to my dad, and to all dads!


On the topic of fathers, there are 197 sets of fathers and sons who have played pro football; here are the ones with ties to the Patriots:

Sam Adams played G for the Pats from 1972-80; son Sam was a DT for several teams from 1997-2004

– DE Julius Adams was with the Pats from 1971-87; son Keith was a LB with the Cowboys, Eagles, Dolphins and Browns from 2001-07 and played against the Pats in SB39.

– Before becoming DC of the Pats in the 1970s Hank Bullough played briefly in the NFL with the Packers; son Chuck was a LB for Miami in 1993-94.

– LB Bobby Carpenter was with the Pats briefly last year; his father Rob was a RB for the Oilers from 1997-88.

– DE Andre Carter led the Pats defense in sacks in 2011; father Rubin was a NT for Denver from 1975-86.

– LB Steve DeOssie finished his career in 1994-95 with the Pats; son Zak has played for the Giants since 2007.

– RB Chuck Foreman ended his great career in 1980 with the Pats; son Jay was a LB with the Bills, Texans, Giants and 49ers from 1999-2006.

– WR Jabar Gaffney had 85 receptions and 8 TD with the Pats from 2006-08; that is one more TD than his father Derrick had with the Jets from 1978-87.

– TE Daniel Graham earned two Super Bowl rings with the Pats from 2002-06; his father Tom was a LB from 1972-78 for the Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers and Bills.

– LG John Hannah spent his entire Hall of Fame career with the Patriots, from 1973-85; his father Herb played for the Giants in 1951.

– LB Richard Harvey Jr. started nine games for the Pats in 1990; his father Richard was a defensive back for the Eagles and Saints in 1970-71.

Don Hasselbeck played TE for the Pats from 1977-85; both sons were quarterbacks (smart move!) – Matt from 1999 to present with the Packers, Seahawks and Titans, and Tim from 2002-07 with the Eagles, Redskins, Giants and Cardinals.

– LT Brian Holloway was a 3-time Pro Bowler for the Pats from 1981-85; son David was a LB for Arizona in 2007.

– DT Dan Klecko played for the Patriots from 2003-05; his father Joe had a stellar career as a defensive lineman with the Jets and Colts from 1977-88.

John Mangum was a backup DT for the Pats in 1966-67; son John was a defensive back for the Bears from 1990-98, and son Keith was a TE for Carolina from 1997-2006.

James McAlister was a backup RB for the Patriots in 1978; son Chris was a CB for the Ravens from 1999-2008 and for the Saints in 2009.

– DT George Pyne is a native of Milford who appeared in all 14 games as a 16th round draft pick of the Pats in 1965; his father, also named George, was a tackle for the 1931 Providence Steam Rollers, and his son Jim was an offensive lineman from 1995-2001 for the Bucs, Lions, Browns and Eagles.

Jack Rudolph played LB for the Pats from 1960-65; son Coleman was a DL for the Jets and Giants from 1993-96.

Gerhard Schwedes was a HB for the Pats in 1960-61; son Scott was a WR for Miami and San Diego from 1987-90.

Matthew Slater has been a ST ace for the Pats since 2008; his Hall of Fame father Jackie was a tackle for the Rams from 1976-95.

– CB Shawn Springs finished his NFL career with the Pats in 2009; his father Ron was a RB for the Cowboys and Bucs from 1979-86.

– RB and ST great Mosi Tatupu appeared in 198 games for the Patriots from 1978 to 1990; son Lofa played LB for Seattle from 2005 to 2010.

Ed Toner was a DT and LB for the Pats from 1967-70; son Ed was a RB for the Colts from 1992-94.

– NT Ted Washington played a key role for the Pats defense in 2004-05; his father Ted was a LB for the Oilers from 1973-82.

– TE Kellen Winslow Jr. played one game for the Patriots in 2012; his father Kellen played TE for San Diego from 1979-87 and was inducted in to the Hall of Fame in 1995.




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