Q. Would you describe the atmosphere of the off season program?

A. Atmosphere is all about winning. I think everybody here has one goal, and that is to win the Super Bowl, and right now we’re just working towards that.


Q. (ineligible) said that you have come in and emerged as a leader during OTAs. Do you tend to lead by example, vocally, both?

A. I don’t know, I guess a little bit of both? (laughs) I just try to tell the guys what I know, and just try to get acclimated to what they do. It’s all new for me, and I’m just trying to go in there headfirst, and hopefully the results will be good.


Q. What’s it like to come in to a new team after being with another team for so long, and already having that sort of built in respect from your teammates?

A. I mean it’s scary. You want to come in with the right mindset, and you just want to get along with the guys really, and you want to kind of make sure you hang around with them, get to know each and every guy. I think that’s probably really the biggest concern that I have right now, is just trying to make sure that I know all of the guys that I’m going to be playing with.  Right now we’re moving in the right direction.


Q. What do you think of some of these guys so far, in your limited experience with them?

A. Very, very talented. Obviously it’s a young group, and we all can continue to learn. I think that’s probably the main thing that I try and tell those guys, that we can all learn from each other. Just try to get better together.


Q. Why did you choose New England?

A. Why not?


Q. We’ve had a number of veteran players come in over the years and they say they haven’t won the title, and this is always their best shot. Because like Urlacher said a few weeks ago, ‘they’re always good’.

A. Yeah.


Q. This is the best chance.

A. Yeah it is. I think just the way they run things. It’s totally different from anywhere else. They have a winning mentality. It’s not pressure to them, or to us now. It’s going out there and just expecting to win every game.


Q. You said they run things differently from everywhere else; what’s one example that you’ve seen so far?

A. Winning (whole room laughs).


Q. Did the Pampers get it done?

A. I think we’re still working on that (laughs).


Q. Negotiations ongoing?

A. Yeah, you could say that. Somewhat.


Q. Devin McCourty said a couple weeks ago that he was especially, not excited, but he was really looking forward to working with you because of the experience. Have you guys already sat down together; has he already started picking your brain?

A. We’ve been having meetings here and there; it’s kind of picked up here over the last couple of days. Just trying to get on the same page in terms of defensive calls, adjustments, things like that.


Q. Have you watched Devin as a player at all; he’s still sort of new as a safety.

A. Yeah, I’ve been kind of watching him all over the field, from playing corner one week to playing safety the next week. He’s a very versatile player; he’s good at both spots. It’s going to be pretty fun for both of us.


Q. As a player who has played against this team and been in the league for a long time, what is the league wide perception of this team and this franchise?

A. That they win (laughs). Other than that, a very disciplined team, a team that you are going to have to beat them – just like a champ. You have to undecidedly beat the champ. You can’t just go out there and box a good twelve rounds. You got to actually knock them out.


Q. Has anything geographically jumped out at you, as opposed to Arizona?

A. Well, I don’t really want to go in to Arizona comparisons; you know, I had a great time there for twelve years.


Q. Just like driving up and down Route 1, has anything caught your eye?

A. I don’t even know what Route 1 is (laughter). I have barely drove anywhere. I’m just trying to stay as close to Gillette as possible.


Q. Is what you are doing literally is staying a t a hotel, roll out and come here, and then back to the hotel?

A. I’m here, pretty much …


Q. You and Coach Belichick? (laughter)

A. Until 6:00 … No (more laughter) But I’m here, I’m just trying to get acclimated, and watch as much film as I can; just trying to study as much as I can before it all starts up.


Q. What’s it like coming to a market, where you’ve been here long enough now, sports really matters. I mean, eventually you won’t be able to go anyplace without somebody recognizing you, but you have four competitive teams in all sports. It really matters here.

A. I’m going to agree with that. I don’t have a problem with that, one way or the other. I try to make myself available to the people. I’m not afraid of …


Q. To the people who have only been able to see you play here once every four years, what kind of game do you have? You’ve been compared at times to a Rodney Harrison type of player.

A. I don’t know. I have felt like I have had a pretty good career so far. Last year was last year. Obviously things didn’t go my way as far as the way I wanted them to go. Obviously players slow down as they get older, but they also have experience.  They have seen a lot of things as far as football. So, to say that a person is not good enough, that would not be the right verbiage to use as far as that is concerned. I feel that I can help this team win. That’s pretty much what I am here to do.


Q. As you have matured, how has your game changed?

A. I’ve gotten a lot smarter. I used to take ridiculous chances on the football field, just trying to make a big play, just trying to make a splash play. I think now its different just because you know formations, you know tendencies. You go through all that type of stuff during the week and you pay more attention to it. As opposed to a young player who just looks at the formations and you don’t really go through the things in the head before the play happens.


Q. How do you feel about the ‘Incredible Hulk’ nickname?

A. Yeah, I think it’s rather funny. You know, it’s … I guess things like that happen once you get to know the guys. I guess I don’t say much. I do what I do in the weight room and I try my best to be Adrian Wilson every day.



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