For out of town fans without the Sunday Ticket or a Slingbox, your chances of seeing the Pats play Arizona from the comfort of your own living room are extremely slim. Of the 205 FOX affiliates nationwide only 21 will be broadcasting the game between the Patriots and the Cardinals – and one third of them are located outside New England. If nothing else at least owners of sorts bars that cater to fans of the Patriots should be happy.


Dick Stockton will be the play by play announcer and John Lynch will be the analyst; Jennifer Hale will be the sideline reporter. The game kicks off at 1:00 eastern time. This will be the only Pats game that FOX broadcasts this year.


One decision sure to leave some fans of the Patriots steaming is that of station WTIC. The FOX affiliate in Hartford Connecticut has opted to show the Giants game against Tampa Bay rather than the Pats game. Although there are more Patriots fans than Giants fans in the Insurance Capital Of The World, the decision is more about the politics of corporate loyalty. Fox has the broadcast rights to NFC games and they want as much as possible for the local stations to tow the company line, and promote those NFC games; catering to the whims of the customer falls a distant second in priorities in this situation. If you disagree with their decision follow this link on how to contact them, and let them know how you feel.


Here is a list of the stations that will be broadcasting the Pats game on Sunday:

    KSAZ – Phoenix, AZ
    KMSB – Tucson, AZ
    KECY – Yuma, AZ
    KXRM – Colorado Springs, CO
    KDVR – Denver, CO
    KFQX – Grand Junction, CO
    WFXT – Boston, MA
    WGGB – Springfield, MA
    WFVX – Bangor, ME
    WPFO – Portland, ME
    WAGM – Presque Isle, ME
    WYFX – Youngstown, OH
    WFXP – Erie, PA
    WWCP – Johnstown, PA
    WPGH – Pittsburgh, PA
    WNAC – Providence, RI
    KSTU – Salt Lake City, UT
    WFFF – Burlington, VT
    WTRF-DT – Wheeling, WV
    KFNB – Casper, WY
    KLWY – Cheyenne, WY


Here is a breakdown on the number of stations and percentage of stations showing each of the games:

    54 (26%) — Vikings at Colts
    43 (22%) — Cowboys at Seahawks
    36 (18%) — Saints at Panthers
    29 (14%) — Buccaneers at Giants
    21 (10%) — Redskins at Rams
    21 (10%) — Cardinals at Patriots

Note there is also one station (in Shreveport LA) that has not yet decided which game it will air.




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