In case you hadn’t seen it already I just wanted to pass along a link to an excellent 4th of July themed column by Greg Cosell The Vault Keeper of NFL Films. It is a retrospective of the history of the Patriots humorously intertwined with references to the American Revolution. The article also includes several videos, including an 8:50 clip which focuses on the Gino Cappelletti and Mike Holovak during the sixties, as well as another brief video of the Snow Plow Game. There are plenty of other historical references as well, from Mack Herron to Joe Kapp to Bob Gladieux and Pat the Patriot.


Here is the link: Tales from the Vault: Patriot Games, by The Vault Keeper.


July 4th is obviously the perfect occasion to celebrate the American patriots of The Revolutionary War. The Vault Keeper thinks the time is also right to salute the Patriots of the American Football League, even though their early gridiron exploits were generally more revolting than revolutionary.







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edit 07/05 at 1:45 pm: a tip of the hat to Steve Seidman of for pointing out that this article was written by The Vault Keeper, and not Greg Cosell. My sincere apologies to The Vault Keeper on the omission, as well as thanks to Mr. Seidman for pointing the error out to me so I could correct it.