The New England Patriots have announced that individual game tickets for the 2012 season will be placed on sale on Tuesday, July 17 at 10:00 a.m. The team did not announce exactly how many tickets will be made available, but in the past several years these individual game tickets have sold out in a matter of minutes.


All tickets will be sold via Ticketmaster, and the only form of payment being accepted will be Visa. Tickets may be purchased either online or by phone at 800-745-3000; there will be no tickets available at Gillette Stadium. The only exception is for wheelchair accessible seating; call 508-384-9191 for more information on those tickets. The team has set a sale limit of four tickets per game.


This is the second straight year that individual game tickets have gone on sale in mid July; last year they were placed on sale on Friday July 15. Prior to that the tickets went on sale earlier in the off-season: June 21 in 2010, June 4 in 2009, and on May 16 in 2008. This is pure speculation on my part, but perhaps the reason for the later sale date is to get more fans that are on the fence to renew their season tickets? One would think a business would prefer to have the funds in-house earlier rather than later. Then again in the grand scheme of things the return on investment from having theses funds available for a couple extra months may be minimal for an organization of this size.


Once these tickets are sold out that will mean that 2012 will be the 19th consecutive year that the Pats have sold out every game prior to the kickoff of the regular season. The Patriots have sold out every preseason, regular season and postseason game since September 4, 1994. The streak is currently at 193 games and will extend to 203 at the finish of this year’s regular season. The 200th consecutive sellout will be on Sunday November 18 versus the Indianapolis Colts.


For a seating map and ticket information check out the team’s web site at Game.





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