Who will the inactives be for the Super Bowl? Here are the most likely candidates as we wait for kickoff. The game-day roster consists of 46 players, which means seven players need to be declared inactive.


1. Ryan Mallet
This one is an automatic. Mallett has been inactive for every game this season; there is no reason for that to change today.


2. Shane Vereen
Vereen has not been active for a game since November, and with all the other running backs healthy – and FB Lousaka Polite since added to the squad – there’s no need for Vereen today.


3. Donald Thomas
Thomas was essential when the rest of the interior offensive line was riddled with injuries early in the season, but with the line healthy now there’s no room for Thomas.


4. Gary Guyton
The combination of Dane Fletcher and Brandon Spikes becoming healthier, along with some plays where Guyton was just flat out of position has made him an afterthought. The Pats got as much as could be expected from an undrafted free agent and more during his four years here, but I can’t imagine his being on the team in 2012.


5. Ron Brace, or
6. Gerard Warren
I think the Pats will go with the veteran Warren and his strength in the pass rush over Brace.


7. Alex Silvestro
Could Bill Belichick be throwing a bait and switch against the Giants by adding Silvestro to the 53-man roster, and then not activating him? Don’t discount the possibility.


8. Kevin Faulk, or
9. Stevan Ridley, or
10. Lousaka Polite
Faulk has played very little this season, but he has Belichick’s trust. Ridley is the team’s most explosive runner and the best way to counter the Giants (or any other team’s) pass rush is by running the ball. After fumbling the ball twice Ridley was inactive against the Ravens. Do the Pats go with both Ridley and Faulk but leave Polite inactive, and if needed go with an offensive lineman at fullback?


10. Marcus Cannon, or
11. Sebastian Vollmer
Assuming Vollmer is ready to go, is there room to keep Cannon on the game day roster?


11. Niko Koutouvides, or
12. Some other special teamer
If Silvestro is included on the game day roster, does he take another special teamer’s place? If the Pats want to keep Faulk, Polite and Ridley on the roster to bolster the running game then this could be the case.


13. Who did I forget?

My guess: Mallett, Vereen, Thomas, Guyton, Brace, Cannon Nick McDonald and Ridley will not be active for today’s game.


Edit: I forgot about Nick McDonald. Add him and remove Marcus Cannon.