If you listen to local sports talk radio or frequent team message boards, you are certainly familiar with a certain portion of the fan base which tends to overreact to not only every loss, but any score, first down, or any positive play by an opponent playing the Patriots. Fortunately for all of us at least most limit their diatribes to written words on the internet; check this out from Wisconsin, after the Packers’ undefeated season went down the drain in Kansas City.


APPLETON — Police say a drunken woman choked her 11-year-old daughter on Sunday after becoming angered by the Green Bay Packers game.

The 36-year-old Grand Chute woman was charged Monday in Outagamie County Court with felony child abuse and misdemeanor counts of bail jumping and disorderly conduct.

Police were called about 8:15 p.m. Sunday to a Grand Chute hotel where the girl told police her mother grabbed her by the neck during the football game. The woman was drinking alcohol and became upset because the team was losing. The girl said that after the Packers lost, her mother choked her again with enough force that the girl couldn’t breathe, the criminal complaint says.

The woman’s husband told police she also threw her dinner on the floor, broke a lamp and attempted to punch him in the face because she was upset about the game, which marked the Packers’ first loss in 14 games this season.


A little reality check for all NFL fans: it is just a game. Something we should all consider when our blood starts to boil when a football game does not end in the manner to which we are accustomed, or the final score is not that which we hoped it would be.