Although week 15 started off with a couple of blowouts, there are still a lot of NFL games worth watching – above and beyond a certain game in Denver that has been hyped well beyond what it should be. Here are the remainder of this weekend’s games in some semblance of importance to NFL fans, as well as fans of the Patriots.



10-3 Patriots at 8-5 Broncos
Denver +7½; over 47
Patriots 27, Broncos 24
Will the Pats learn from what worked – and what did not – for the Bears last week? Hopefully so, though the concept of eight in the box and leaving three Pats defensive backs on an island is enough to make me cover my eyes.


10-3 Steelers at 10-3 49ers
Pittsburgh +3; under 39
Steelers 20, 49ers 14
Much has been made of Pittsburgh’s loss of James Harrison and Ben Roethlisberger being hurt, but the 49ers injuries to Patrick Willis and Joe Staley are more devastating; on top of that Frank Gore is not 100% and the 49ers don’t really have a lot to play for.


10-3 Ravens at 6-7 Chargers
Baltimore -2½; over 44
Ravens 27, Chargers 24
San Diego will do what they do best: find a way to snatch a loss from the jaws of victory.


8-5 Jets at 5-8 Eagles
New Jersey +3; under 44½
Jets 24, Eagles 17
I really want to believe Philly will win, but the Jets four-leaf clover streak continues.


8-5 Lions at 7-6 Raiders
Oakland +3; under 49
Raiders 27, Lions 21
You know what will decide this game? The refs! Oakland leads the league in penalties (130) and penalty yardage (1,116); in fact, they are on pace to set all-time NFL records in both categories. Detroit is right on their heels; they’re fourth in penalties (105) and third in yards (894). Since the game is in Oakland I’ll go with the Raiders getting the benefit in this overlooked category.


6-7 Seahawks at 7-6 Bears
Seattle +4½; under 36
Bears 17, Seahawks 14
Chicago finds a way to win at home to keep their playoff hopes alive in a defensive struggle.


4-9 Panthers at 10-3 Texans
Houston -6; over 45
Texans 31, Panthers 17
Once the Texans lost Schaub, there was no way I thought the Texans would be 10-3. What a turnaround in the running game and by their defense.


7-6 Bengals at 2-11 Rams
Cincinnati -6½; under 39½
Bengals 31, Rams 6
Kellen Clemens is going to start for the Rams? Good luck with that.


4-9 Redskins at 7-6 Giants
Washington +7½; over 46
Giants 28, Redskins 23
Washington usually plays the Giants tough, and the Giants did more than enough poorly last week to deserve to lose to the Cowboys.


7-6 Titans at 0-13 Colts
Titans -6½; under 41
Titans 20, Colts 13
Tennessee is playing to win; Indy is playing for the number one pick.


10-3 Saints at 2-11 Vikings
New Orleans -7; under 53
Saints 34, Vikings 10
I know the Saints don’t do well away from home, but I think they will have learned from their early season letdown against the Rams.


13-0 Packers at 5-8 Chiefs
Green Bay -13½; under 46
Packers 41, Chiefs 13
Kansas City is just completely overmatched; the Packers should be able to take that great Arrowhead crowd out of this one early.


4-9 Dolphins at 5-8 Bills
Miami +2; under 41
Dolphins 24, Bills 10
Two trains headed in opposite directions; remember when the Bills were 5-2 and headed to the playoffs while Miami was 0-7 and headed for the number one draft pick?


4-9 Browns at 6-7 Cardinals
Arizona -6½; under 38
Cardinals 24, Browns 13
Arizona is quietly doing pretty well lately.



Just to be clear: neither I nor this website endorses or promotes gambling. This strictly for entertainment purposes, and to test myself on how well I know the NFL.

Four Units
Bengals -6½ at Rams

Three Units
Packers -13½ at Chiefs
Redskins +7½ at Giants
Raiders +3 vs Lions

Two Units
Dolphins +2 at Bills
Seahawks-Bears under 36
Steelers-49ers under 39

One Unit
Ravens-Chargers over 44
Titans-Colts under 41
Saints-Vilings under 53
Dolphins-Bills under 41