Thanks in part to a cold that is lingering on it’s third day, an abbreviated and belated look at this week’s NFL games.


Thursday: 4-7 Seahawks 31, 4-7 Eagles 14
Seattle +3; under 43½
Seattle takes advantage of their loud home field advantage, visiting team’s traveling cross-country, and the Eagle’s lack of focus and commitment.


0-11 Colts at 8-3 Patriots
Patriots -20; over 48½
Freeney and Mathis may do enough to keep it interesting – for the first quarter. The question may be whether or not – or how much – Bill Belichick would like to stick it to Bill Polian; he’s never going to get a better opportunity to do so than today.


6-5 Titans at 5-6 Bills
Tennessee + 1½; over 43
I think the Jets game was the last hurrah for the Bills. Their injuries and lack of experience take their toll; I think Chris Johnson will have another good day running the ball.


4-7 Chiefs at 7-4 Bears
Chicago -7; over 35½
I think the Chiefs are going to have a letdown after losing to the Steelers, knowing their season is over. Bears grind it out with Matt Forte early and often.


7-4 Raiders at 3-8 Dolphins
Miami -3; under 43½
Oakland has to travel across three time zones to play a game at 10:00 am their time; plus they could be looking ahead to Green Bay and Detroit.


7-4 Bengals at 8-3 Steelers
Cincinnati +7½; under 43
The Bengals have been playing well as underdogs, and Roethlisberger didn’t look all that sharp last week; that thumb injury could be affecting his productivity. Troy Polamalu got his bell rung again, and we have seen that the Steelers’ performance drops way off when he is not in the game.


8-3 Ravens at 4-7 Browns
Baltimore -7; under 38½
The Ravens had major issues this year with inferior competition, with three losses to mediocre teams in the week following a win over an elite team. Last week they beat the 9-2 49ers; have they learned their lesson? I’m going to guess yes; the fourth time is a charm, after all.


6-5 Jets at 4-7 Redskins
New York -2½; under 38½
The Redskins can’t run the ball, which means Rex Grossman will be forced to pass against Revis and Cromartie. Game over.


7-4 Falcons at 8-3 Texans
Houston +2; under 37½
Between their running game and their defense, the Texans will be fine even with T.J. Yates at quarterback.


3-8 Panthers at 4-7 Buccaneers
Carolina +2; over 46
Both of these defenses are horrid, but Tampa Bay’s is getting worse, not better – and they’ll be without Josh Freeman at quarterback. The Bucs refusal to sigh any veterans to this team is coming back to haunt them, with no leadership to help get through tough times.


6-5 Broncos at 2-9 Vikings
Denver +1½; under 38½
Emotions play a big part of winning football. Denver is all in, while the Vikings are playing out the string. Without a healthy Adrian Peterson they just don’t have enough talent on the offensive side of the ball to score enough to win.


2-9 Rams at 9-2 49ers
49ers -13½; over 37½
I think San Francisco comes out fired up against a division opponent after losing for the first time in forever last week. Harbaugh will not let the team’s intensity diminish.


7-4 Cowboys at 4-7 Cardinals
Arizona +7; over 46½
The Cardinals actually haven’t been playing that bad lately, Dallas is 1-6 in Arizona since 1999, and the Cowboys are primed to start getting full of themselves and look past this game.


11-0 Packers at 6-5 Giants
New York +7; over 53½
This is the Giants Super Bowl, and Coughlin will have them fired up after a few lackluster efforts. The Packers are overdue for a bad game; their first loss of the season comes today.


7-4 Lions at 8-3 Saints
New Orleans -6; over 53½
Two teams headed in opposite directions; the Saints are clicking and the Lions are stumbing. Detroit’s running game is hurting, and their defense just isn’t getting it done.


4-7 Chargers at 3-8 Jaguars
San Diego -3; under 39½
Will Jacksonville be fired up with Jack Del Rio gone? Not really; besides, Blaine Gabbert is still their quarterback.




4 Units
Bengals +7½ at Steelers
Panthers +2 at Buccaneers
Panthers at Buccaneers over 46
Cardinals +7 vs Cowboys
Saints -6 vs Lions

3 Units
Patriots -20 vs Colts
Titans +1½ at Bills
Dolphins -3 vs Raiders
Jets – Redskins under 38½
Texans +2 vs Falcons
Packers at Giants over 53½
Lions at Saints over 53½

2 Units
Jets -2½ at Redskins
49ers -13½ vs Rams
Giants +7 vs Packers

1 Unit
Titans at Bills over 43
Broncos at Vikings under 38½
Ravens at Browns under 38½