The Patriots loss to the Giants yesterday was extremely difficult for everyone involved. Many fans took out there frustrations on message boards and social media sites such as Twitter. One of the targets of that frustration was Pats cornerback Kyle Arrington, who finally had enough and responded.


Don’t hop back on the bandwagon later #fakefans


Arrington then cooled off a little and had this to say a short while later:


We are all just a little emotional, no likes loosing…. #nite


Surprisingly, the voice of reason was none other than Arrington’s former teammate, Brandon Meriweather:


Bruh u can’t do or should I say, Say this.


So my question is this: how much is too much in terms of negative reaction from fans? Booing after a loss has become acceptable, how about yelling at players as they leave the field? Is there a line as to what is or is not acceptable? What about commentary on message boards? How about comments on twitter – in particular ones that are directed at a player by using their @ twitter account name, so it will show up in their timeline?


Regardless of where that line is, this is just another example of the pitfalls of social media for professional athletes. While I personally don’t disagree with the content of his comment – it was really relatively mild when you get right down to it – it’s one of those things where nothing good is going to come from it, so you’re better off not saying anything at all.