Not surprisingly FOX uses its second and last opportunity to broadcast the Patriots game to a rather extensive audience this week. The game in Foxboro against the Giants gets their top billing, with the announcing crew of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman calling the late afternoon game. The Pats game will be shown on FOX stations throughout the northeast, southeast and southwest from Maine to New Mexico.


The other big late game on FOX is the Packers at Chargers; that will be shown in markets from Ohio west to the Pacific. Arizona and Missouri get stuck with the Rams – Cardinals snoozefest, while the Bay area and Nashville get excluded from any late game on FOX due to the NFL rules regarding the Raiders and Titans playing late games at home.


Here is a state-by-state list of the television markets that will get the Pats game in Foxboro against the Giants.

Alabama: all markets
Arkansas: all markets
Connecticut: all markets
DC: Washington
Florida: all markets
Georgia: all markets
Indiana: Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Terre Haute
Kentucky: all markets
Louisiana: all markets
Massachusetts: all markets
Maryland: all markets
Maine: all markets
Mississippi: all markets
North Carolina: all markets
New Mexico: all markets
Nevada: Las Vegas
New York: all markets
Ohio: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Youngstown
Oklahoma: all markets
Pennsylvania: all markets
Rhode Island: Providence
South Carolina: all markets
Tennessee: all markets with the exception of Nashville
Texas: all markets
Virginia: all markets
Vermont: Burlington
West Virginia: all markets



Here is a state-by-state list of the television markets that will get the Packers – Chargers game:

Alaska: all markets
California: all markets with the exception of San Francisco/Oakland
Colorado: all markets
Hawaii: Honolulu
Iowa: all markets with the exception of Ottumwa
Idaho: all markets
Illinois: all markets with the exception of Quincy
Indiana: only South Bend
Kansas: Topeka, Wichita
Michigan: all markets
Minnesota: all markets
Missouri: Kansas City
Montana: all markets
North Dakota: all markets
Nebraska: all markets
Nevada: Reno
Ohio: Lima, Toledo
Oregon: all markets
South Dakota: all markets
Utah: Salt Lake City
Washington: all markets
Wisconsin: all markets
Wyoming: Cheyenne



These areas get stuck with the St. Louis – formerly-St. Louis game:

All of Arizona
All of Missouri with the exception of Kansas City
Ottumwa, Iowa
Quincy, Illinois
Pittsburg, Kansas





As always, a link to the visual map will be added once available.


Edit: the map can now be seen here.


Edit #2: I’m getting conflicting information on some of the Ohio stations … will update when I get some confirmations.


Edit #3: Some FOX affiliates have decided to make changes in regards to which game they will air; here is a list of those changes that affect the Pats game:

Los Angeles has changed from the Packers-Chargers game to the Pats-Giants game (yay!)

The following have changed from the Pats game to the Chargers game (boo):

all Alabama
all Indiana
all Kentucky
Fort Myers, Florida
Macon, Georgia
Cleveland, Ohio
Youngstown, Ohio
all Louisiana with the exception of Shreveport and Lake Charles