Former Patriot Heath Evans spoke on WEEI this morning. What will certainly shock many outside of New England whose viewpoint of Bill Belichick’s personality is limited by what they see and hear in post-game press conferences, Evans called the Pats head coach ‘the funniest guy I have ever been around’.

Here are a few comments by Evans from that interview.


On anything that he misses about football:
“The only thing I miss is the guys. But it’s kind of funny when you’re in the studio with Jamie Dukes and all the other guys, and you kind of get that camaraderie feel too, so you know, right now I don’t miss being sore; I don’t miss being yelled and cussed at; I don’t miss having to be up every morning at 5:00, and then the ice tubs and the hot tubs and all that, so right now life is really, really, really really good.

“I’m always going to miss that live action; if I don’t there’s something wrong with me. But the Monday through Saturday? There is nothing, and I mean nothing that I am going to miss about that, I promise you.


On how far back his plan was to work in broadcasting after his NFL career was over:
“I played for Bill Belichick for four years. Do you think it was an easy job giving good interviews and good speeches?

“It was in the back of my head only because people were constantly telling me ‘hey, you’re going to be great at this, you have a knack for this’, but honestly you never really know. … The last two years with the opportunities I’ve been given at espn and different radio shows nationally, it definitely seemed like things were going in that direction.


On what makes Bill Belichick so good:
“It’s the big D … it is discipline, discipline, discipline. Growing up in a home with a father that was the Marine, military background, I fit right in immediately there in New England.” Evans went on to make an analogy to how those in gangs actually crave structure that they are not getting at home, and said “maybe you call it the Bill Belichick Gang. Everybody knows their certain piece of the pie. They know where they fit in in the big scheme in the puzzle that is the New England Patriots. There is something very, very refreshing about that and there is something very, very easy about that as well.

We all know it is a very demanding situation to play under BB, but at the same time there is a freedom to go to work every single day and know exactly what’s expected of you, and to know exactly where you fit in.”


On why others such as Josh McDaniels have not been able to be as successful as Belichick:
“Either they try so hard to be everything Bill Belichick is, or they go too far in a different direction.”


On how new players on the Patriots learn what to say, and what not to say to the media:
“My first day there I came in talking about ‘hey, it’s great to be here, it’s such a rich tradition, three super bowl rings’; I mentioned about fifteen words in the first interview I did that you’re not supposed to even say up there. But I remember (couldn’t make out the names) coming to me and saying ‘hey we don’t talk about super bowls’ and ‘we don’t talk about this’ and ‘we don’t talk about that’. You kind of get a crash course on the fly. Bill just has this way of making his wishes known. They’re always very, very clear, and there’s no ever leaving a Bill Belichick conversation going, ‘what did he just say and what does he want from me’? You always know exactly what he said and you always know exactly what he wants.


On how Evans thinks Belichick reacted to Wes Welker’s foot comments directed to Rex Ryan and the Jets last season:
Here’s the thing with Bill: Bill is hands down the funniest guy I have ever been around in my life. And I wish … I wish … I wish, I wish, I wish, the media and the fan base of New England could really get an inside look at this guy’s personality because, I know Bill has always taught every player that has ever been through there, ‘speak for yourself’.

But I’m going to speak for Bill Belichick for once, okay? I guarantee that inside, Bill Belichick thought that was hilarious, because it was almost ingenious on Wes’ part, the way he thought it out. Even his facial mannerisms as he was delivering in his presser was awesome. But, Bill also knows the grounds that he runs this team on. There is no going back on what he says, and there is no going against what he says. Whether you’re Wes, whether you’re Randy and you get caught in a snowstorm, wahtever it is – or AD – listen, don’t cross Bill Belichick. He is going to run his team with structure, and with discipline, and that’s what afford him the opportunity to be in the chase for a championship year in and year out.


On Albert Haynesworth:
“It goes back to the discipline word again. At his age, and really at his accomplishment level too, he really needs someone to motivate him. It’s been proven that he can’t motivate himself. And that’s not ultimately a bad thing. You expect NFL players that play an awesome game to be able to do that for themselves, but for some people, they can’t – and that’s not necessarily a knock. Bill has succeeded way more than he has failed in what you would call risky situations. Bringing in guys with a lot of potential … because Hayneseworth can wreak havoc for that defense.

And honestly, he doesn’t want any part of a 3-4, but I guarantee you if he would just listen to Bill, Bill would put him in position to make huge amounts of plays in that scheme as well. At the end of the day Bill’s going to find a way to make him successful and to motivate him. I know one thing, Mr. Kraft and Bill got together on their contracts and made it where it was very ‘Patriot-heavy’ on the verbage side, because if they don’t perform, and he’s not doing what is the Patriot Way then they’ll say bye-bye, and Albert won’t be laughing all the way to the bank this time, I can say that.”


Evans also talks about a very interesting anecdote regarding Randy Moss that most are unaware of, Kerry Collins fitting in with the Indianapolis Colts, Cam Newton in Carolina, and some great thing that his foundation is doing.


For the full audio interview, please take a listen at this link to WEEI audio on demand.


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