Tom Brady appeared on WEEI this morning for his weekly Monday morning interview, and offered quite a bit of insight on a variety of topics.

Earlier this week one anonymous NFL executive said that Bill Belichick was ‘through screwing around’ (does anybody truly think Belichick has been ‘screwing around’?), and Brady responded “He’s one of the most consistent people I’ve ever been around in my life. What you see from him on a daily basis, you’re always getting the same thing, win, lose or draw.”

“He has high expectations for us. He wants us to go out there and play up to our capabilities. He doesn’t settle for anything less than what he thinks is our best. I think sometimes it’s challenging for veteran player, for young players. They say, ‘God, coach, we’re trying hard, we’re out there every day.’ But, look, if we’re not performing, and our issues that we have as a team continue to show themselves on a daily or consistent basis, he takes that to heart. He says, ‘Obviously, I’m not doing a good job coaching you guys to do what I think we need to do so we can be a good football team.’ ”

Interestingly, Brady talked about Belichick owning up to mistakes that he makes to the players.

“He does, and I think that’s why he has the credibility with the team. He’ll say, ‘Guys, I messed this thing up,’ and, ‘I messed more things up than any of you guys do.’ It’s the same way for coaching. The coaches haven’t coached in eight months, either. That’s why it’s really hard to gauge a preseason game.”

Note: I need to remember that last quote for whenever a certain segment of fans go postal when they next lose a game in August.

Brady critiquing himself:
“I think decision-making is right at the top. I’ve been through the game a few times, and I think just the speed of decision-making, what allows a quarterback to be very effective, very sound, not only in fundamentals, but the speed of decision-making. It’s hard for you guys to understand with the game on TV and understand why a quarterback does what he does, why you threw where you did. Decision-making is something that I really want to focus on this week in practice. It’s not where it needs to be.”

There’s another line that should be etched in stone by all fans and the media: “It’s hard for you guys to understand with the game on TV and understand why a quarterback does what he does.”

Brady on the effect of the lockout on this offseason:
“We haven’t even had the whole team out there yet. We had the lockout, moving on from the lockout, practices, missing the first preseason game, everyone is trying to figure out where they stand with their competition. When we get competition, whether it’s Jacksonville or Tampa, we get a good indication of where we’re at and where we need to go. We’re still trying to figure out with this team what we’re going to be and what style we’re going to win games this year.”


Brady on Chad Ochocinco:
“Every day that we’re out there together, the two of us, working, and him with Deion (Branch) and Wes (Welker), it’s better every day. Like I said, we’re very much an abbreviated schedule this year. He’s a very competitive person and he wants to … conversations that I have with him … he wants to be out there learning, he wants to compete, he wants to understand the nuances of what we’re doing. And every single day that we’re out there, it gets better. I enjoy being out there on the practice field with him. I enjoy sitting on the sidelines of the games communicating with him. Being out there on the field with him at the games is a great experience.”


Brady on the Patriots defense:
“They were putting a lot of pressure on the quarterback, that’s number one. Any time you talk to a defensive coach, they say ‘we got to get after the quarterback.’ It was really fun to see from our sideline. Pass rushers. And what really set it up was negative runs we forced them into and long-yardage situations. Those guys are really teeing off on the quarterback. I love to see that. From another quarterback’s perspective, to stand there on the sidelines and watch them attack the quarterback. (You) force them into quick decisions, force them into throws that you don’t want to make but have to make because you don’t have time to see the coverages. That’s good for any defensive football team.”


Brady on the paparazzi:
“There’s moments I’ve been very frustrated. But you can’t do anything. Because if you do, you’re just going to validate that. They’re going to be there whether you like it or not. Believe me, I wish there were some things that for your family could be a bit more private. We try to be private. At the same time, people are entitled, I guess, in this country to do what they want to do with cameras, or videocameras. That’s the way of the world lately. I think at some point, people move on from it. I just try to pretend they’re not there and enjoy my day.”


Brady on living in the Boston area:
“Where we live in the city, it’s great. We go to the Esplanade, parks, water parks. I wanted to go kayaking yesterday, but they didn’t want to let the kids on the kayak. But I love Boston. It’s our home. It’s a great place, it’s so much fun to be here this time of year. We’re on the eve of football season, and it doesn’t get any better for me. It’s fun to be back.”

So much for the speculation that Brady doesn’t like it here and would prefer to live elsewhere.


Brady on Belichick’s coaching of preseason games:
“I remember one time he put the first-stringers back in, in Cincinnati in the preseason, the first-stringers were playing in the fourth quarter. He’s never worried about injuries. He’s doing what he feels like he needs to do to get us ready for the season. He has the respect of the team, with good reason, so he’s going to get the benefit of the doubt. Injuries like that to (Danny Woodhead), that sucks. Any time you lose someone in a game that doesn’t count (it’s tough). But at the same time, it’s the overall picture of what we’re trying to do to prepare us for the opening game.”


Tom Brady will appear early every Monday morning on WEEI this season, just as he has in past years. Being with local interviewers whom he has had a chance to get to know and trust, there is definitely a big comfort level there. If for some reason you can’t listen live, the audio is available on their website at the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.