Here is a little more trivia for the holiday weekend. Last week it was pointed out that 54 players on the Pats roster have never been part of another NFL organization. For those 34 other players, try to match as many as you can with the NFL team that they were last part of before joining the Patriots. But first, here are a few more questions from this group.

Note: for the purpose of this discussion, all players that finished the 2010 season with the Pats are considered to be part of the roster; i.e., players that were due to become free agents before the lockout, and practice squad players are included.

  1. What current Pats player has been with seven other NFL teams?
  2. Who are the three players that have been on four or more other teams?
  3. What team did Alge Crumpler last play for before joining the Pats?
  4. Name the four NFL teams no current Pats have ever been part of.
  5. How many former Raiders are with the Patriots?
  6. What team have five current Patriots played for?
  7. Name those five players.
  8. Which four teams have four or more Patriot players once been part of?
  9. Who are the three players that have rejoined the Pats after playing elsewhere?
  10. What two players were with the Colts before coming to New England?
  11. Name the two players that last played in Tampa Bay before becoming a Patriot.
  12. What NFL team originally drafted Eric Moore?
  13. Who are the two players that were once New York Jets?
  14. What team did Dan Connolly start his NFL career with?
  15. Who did Sammy Morris last play for prior to joining the Patriots?


Match the New England player to the team he most recently was a part of before joining the Patriots. (Apologies in advance for the (lack of) formatting.)

Kyle Arrington                                 Bills

Thomas Austin                                 Bears

Tully Banta-Cain                              Broncos

Josh Barrett                                       Broncos

Leigh Bodden                                    Browns

Deion Branch                                    Browns

Carson Butler                                    Bucs

Tony Carter                                       Bucs

Thomas Clayton                               Chargers

Landon Cohen                                  Chiefs

Dan Connolly                                    Colts

Jonathan Crompton                       Colts

Alge Crumpler                                  Dolphins

Marlon Favorite                               Dolphins

Shayne Graham                                Eagles

Darnell Jenkins                                 Falcons

Matt Katula                                         Giants

Mark LeVoir                                       Giants

Bret Lockett                                        Jaguars

Steve Maneri                                      Jaguars

Brandon McGowan                          Jaguars

Eric Moore                                          Jets

Sammy Morris                                   Jets

Marques Murrell                               Lions

Rob Ninkovich                                   Panthers

Quinn Ojinnaka                                  Raiders

Jarrad Page                                         Rams

Marcus Stroud                                   Ravens

Fred Taylor                                         Saints

Thad Turner                                        Seahawks

Gerard Warren                                   Texans

Wes Welker                                           Titans

Tracy White                                          Vikings

Danny Woodhead                               49ers


Spoiler alert: here come the answers, in


Five …


Four …


Three …


Two …


One …


1.  Marlon Favorite

2.  Favorite, Carson Butler, Shayne Graham and Eric Moore

3.  Tennessee Titans (how many answered Atlanta Falcons?)

4.  Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Arizona Cardinals

5.  One: Gerard Warren

6.  Cleveland Browns (thank you Eric Mangini)

7.  Leigh Bodden, Thomas Clayton, Darnell Jenkins, Bret Lockett and Gerard Warren

8.  The Browns, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars and New Orleans Saints

9.  Tully Banta-Cain, Deion Branch and Thomas Clayton

10.  Marlon Favorite and Thad Turner

11.  Kyle Arrington and Darnell Jenkins

12.  New York Giants

13.  Marques Murrell and Danny Woodhead

14.  Jacksonville Jaguars

15.  Miami Dolphins (how many said the Bills?)


Here is a list of current Patriots that have played elsewhere, starting with their most recent former team listed first.


Kyle Arrington          Bucs, Eagles

Thomas Austin          Vikings

Tully Banta-Cain       49ers, Pats

Josh Barrett                Broncos

Leigh Bodden             Lions, Browns

Deion Branch              Seahawks, Pats

Carson Butler             Giants, Bengals, 49ers, Lions, Packers

Tony Carter                 Broncos

Thomas Clayton        Browns, Pats, 49ers

Landon Cohen            Jaguars, Lions

Dan Connolly              Jaguars

Jonathan Crompton            Chargers

Alge Crumpler           Titans, Falcons

Marlon Favorite        Colts, Bills, Saints, Seahawks, Chiefs, Rams, Panthers

Shayne Graham         Giants, Ravens, Bengals, Panthers, Bills, Saints

Darnell Jenkins          Bucs, Browns, Texans

Matt Katula                 Ravens

Mark LeVoir               Rams, Bears

Bret Lockett                Browns

Steve Maneri               Texans

Brandon McGowan   Bears

Eric Moore                   Panthers, Rams, Saints, Giants

Sammy Morris            Dolphins, Bills

Marques Murrell        Jets, Eagles

Rob Ninkovich            Saints, Dolphins, Saints

Quinn Ojinnaka           Falcons

Jarrad Page                  Chiefs

Marcus Stroud            Bills, Jaguars

Fred Taylor                  Jaguars

Thad Turner                 Colts

Gerard Warren            Raiders, Broncos, Browns

Wes Welker                   Dolphins, Chargers

Tracy White                  Eagles, Packers, Seahawks

Danny Woodhead      Jets



Here’s to a safe and happy 4th of July Pats Fans!